Illinois Population

10 Mar 2020

13 Million

That is the total civilian Population Estimate for 2018 for Illinois. How is this population distributed across the counties of Illinois?

Here, the color of each county indicates the size of the population. The deeper the color, the greater the population.

Now lets see this same data in a Treemap.

Here, the size of rectangles indicates the size of the population. Each rectangle represents one county. We have let go of the county geography.

Wow! We all know that the Chicago area is densely populated. But this tells us in a jiffy just how much! Chicago, and its neighboring counties (DuPage, Lake, Will, and Kane) account for (slightly more than) half the population in Illinois! The geographical map shows the Chicago area as densely populated, but in the Treemap we can see the size of population across counties with utter clarity.

Densely populated region in Illinois. Cook county, and its neighboring counties DuPage, Lake, Will, Mc Henry and Winnebago. Madison and St. Clair are below.

This means Cook county needs a different approach to analysis all together. Similary, DuPage, Lake, Will, Mc Henry, Winnebago, Madison and St. Clair are a second group that need a different approach to analysis, as compared to the remaining counties of Illinois.

OK, so that’s nice. Now how about Public Coverage in Illinois? That is our primary concern, in this line of investigation. We’ll tackle that in the next post.